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Never been to an allergist before? Don't know what to expect?

We're here to help! If we can't answer the question here just call!

  • Do you see children AND adults?
    Yes! All ages are welcome!
  • What is allergy skin testing? Does it hurt?
    Allergy skin testing is an in office procedure to find out what you are allergic to. There are two different kinds: Skin Prick Testing and Intradermal Testing. Skin Prick Testing: This is the initial testing used in clinic and often the only testing done. Small plastic "toothpick" like applicators are used to scratch the skin slightly, you then wait several minutes to see if a hive (like a mosquito bite) develops in that area indicating an allergy. It can be itchy and uncomfortable, but It is much easier than the allergy testing of old which was done with needles. Intradermal Testing: If neccessary another step in testing can be done with "intradermals." This testing does involve very small needles, which are used to place a small amount of the allergen tested between the layers of skin. This form of testing is often used for drug allergy testing and also secondary environmental allergy testing. Often this testing is not done in small children. For more information check out the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology's Skin Testing Infomration Page.
  • What if I cannot stop my antihistamines for the appointment?
    If you are being seen for environmental allergies, food allergies, chronic cough or asthma symptoms, it is preferable if you are able to hold your antihistamine medications for at least 3 days (72 hours). This allows for skin testing to be done while you are in the office - which gives us the ability to discuss your results with you in person as you will get your results before you even leave the office. But, we get it - sometimes you can't. Blood work can still be done to find out if you have allergies. It will take more time to get your results and this form of testing can often cost more, but they can be used to help direct your care. If you are coming for an evaluation of a skin rash, hives or swelling episodes PLEASE stay on your medications, no need to be miserable for the appointment. Take some pictures and we will review all of the information in your appointment.
  • Do you accept my insurance provider?
    Most likely! We accept most insurance plans, please call the office or check with your insurance company. We are happy to help!
  • Do I need a referral?
    A referral is not required by our office, but it may be required by your insurance company. Best bet is to call them and ask if a referral is neccesary for sub-specialty evaluation.
  • What are Allergy Shots?
    Allergen Immunotherapy or "Allergy Shots" is a preventative treatment for the allergic symptoms you develop from animal danders (cats, dogs), house dust mites, mold spores, and pollens (trees, grass, weeds and ragweed). Small increasing doses of the allergens you are allergic to are injected into your arm during your build up phase until you reach a maintenance dose which you will stay on for typically 3-5 years. This therapy will change the way your immune system reacts to allergic triggers leading to improved nasal allergy symptoms, asthma control and eczema control.
  • Do you offer evaluation of Food Allergies and Food Challenges?
    ABSOLUTELY! Food Allergy is an important part of pediatric allergy practice. We can diagnose, help manage and monitor food allergies. If at any time in the evaluation you or your child may be able to pass a food challenge depending on testing results and history this is a procedure we offer.
  • Do you offer evaluation of Antibiotic Allergies such as Penicillin?
    YES! Penicilin Allergy especially - did you know more than 90% of people who have been told they are allergic or have had an allergy to Penicillin antibiotics actually don't???? We offer skin testing and/or drug challenges to see if you are, in fact, not allergic to Penicilin! This allows for more effective and less costly management of infections. Other drug reactions can also be evaluated, we are happy to discuss with you more in your appointment!
  • What about bee-sting allergies aka Venom Allergies?
    Yup, we do that as well! Know ahead of time evaluation for systemic, anaphylaxis reactions to venom stings in the past is a separate testing appointment. Your initial evaluation with be an MD consult first. Additional testing, if warrented will be arranged separately.
  • Speaking of bees -- why is a bee in your logo?
    Funny you should ask - there are two reasons. The most obvious is that part of Allergy practice is the diagnosis and management of venom allergies, including those to Honey Bees. The second reason is more personal. Dr. Hartman's maiden name was Beasley. Lovingly through school and training she went by her last name, or her nickname "Beaz." Often she would sign cards and notes with a cartoon bee - which looked very similar to the one in the logo.
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